Tax Category Rates

Tax Category Rates define specify tax rates for products in different countries/states.

Also see the tax categories HTTP API documentation.

Example Usage

resource "commercetools_tax_category" "standard" {
  name = "Standard tax category"
  key  = "standard-tax-category"

resource "commercetools_tax_category_rate" "standard-tax-category-DE" {
  tax_category_id   = "${}"
  name              = "19% MwSt"
  amount            = 0.19
  included_in_price = false
  country           = "DE"

resource "commercetools_tax_category_rate" "standard-tax-category-NL" {
  tax_category_id   = "${}"
  name              = "21% BTW"
  amount            = 0.21
  included_in_price = true
  country           = "NL"

Argument Reference

The following arguments are supported:

  • name - Tax rate name
  • amount - Number Percentage in the range of [0..1]. The sum of the amounts of all sub rates, if there are any. If sub_rates are defined, it should be equal to the sum of all sub_rates.
  • include_in_price - Boolean
  • country - A two-digit country code as per ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • state - (Optional) The state in the country
  • sub_rate - Can be 1 or more subrates

Sub rates

A SubRate is used to calculate the taxPortions field in a cart or order. It is useful if the total tax of a country is a combination of multiple taxes (e.g. state and local taxes).

These can have the following arguments:

  • name
  • amount - Number Percentage in the range of [0..1]