Commercetools Terraform provider

This is the Terraform provider for commercetools. It allows you to configure your commercetools project with infrastructure-as-code principles.

Commercial support

Need support implementing this terraform module in your organization? We are able to offer support. Please contact us at!


Terraform 0.13 added support for automatically downloading providers from the terraform registry. Add the following to your terraform project

terraform {
  required_providers {
    commercetools = {
      source = "labd/commercetools"

Packages of the releases are available at the GitHub Repo. See the terraform documentation for more information about installing third-party providers.

Using the provider

The provider attempts to read the required values from environment variables: - CTP_CLIENT_ID - CTP_CLIENT_SECRET - CTP_PROJECT_KEY - CTP_SCOPES - CTP_API_URL - CTP_AUTH_URL

Alternatively, you can set it up directly in the terraform file:

provider "commercetools" {
  client_id     = "<your client id>"
  client_secret = "<your client secret>"
  project_key   = "<your project key>"
  project_key   = "<your project key>"
  scopes        = "<space seperated list of scopes>"
  api_url       = "<api url>"
  token_url     = "<token url>"

Using with docker

The included Dockerfile bundles the official hashicorp/terraform:light docker image with our terraform-provider-commercetools.

To build the docker image file locally, use:

docker build . -t terraform-with-provider-commercetools:latest

Then you can run a terraform command on files in the current directory with:

docker run -v${pwd}:/config terraform-with-provider-commercetools:latest <CMD>


This project is developed by Lab Digital. We welcome additional contributors. Please see our GitHub repository for more information.